Kona Awnings

The Vogue Kona Folding Arm Awnings series is a range of heavy-duty folding arm awnings engineered in Sweden and manufactured in Australia for optimal, robust performance. Featuring a variety of custom options, the Kona Series can be designed to suit a range of situations and shading requirements.

Features and benefits

  • Three-year warranty
  • Streamlined designs
  • Large range of fabric colours to choose from
  • Spans up to 11m in width
  • Variable pitch control
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Fabric Colour

Vogue offers a range of high-quality external fabrics that are stylish and functional, including Dickson Acrylic fabric. To see the full range, refer to the Vogue Exterior Solutions brochure or in store.


Kona Classic
The Kona Classic Awning represents the latest in modular design, with a variety of accessories to suit a wide range of outdoor living spaces.
Width: minimum 2.074m, maxiumum11.0m
Projection minimum 1.6m, maximum 4.0m
Kona Design
The Kona Design Awning features an array of stylish European-designed finishes, adding a touch of sophistication to the model.
Width: minimum 2.137m, maximum 11.0m
Projection: minimum 1.6m, maximum 4.0m
Kona Semi-Cassette
The Kona Semi-Cassette Awning features a compact semi-enclosure design for superior fabric protection and a streamlined finish.
Width: minimum 2.005m, maximum 11.0m
Projection: minimum 1.6m, maximum 3.5m

Operating Systems

Manual Crank Gear Control
The manual crank gear is cost-effective and suitable for most sizes of awnings.
Note: All awnings wider than 9500mm need to be motorised due to the weight of the awning.
With the ability to operate via switch or remote control, you can operate your awning with the touch of a button. The motor can incorporate automatic controls, such as remote control or sun and wind sensors, making home automation simple.

Optional Extras

Pitch Control
Pitch control is available to provide maximum shading comfort. The projection angle is adjustable (from -5° to -40°) just by rotating the pitch control eyelets with the crank handle. For variable pitch, the unique easytilt function allows you to adjust the pitch angle when the awning is fully projected. This is available for all Kona Awning models.
Telescopic Support
A pair of telescopic poles is available, allowing the awning to be projected and secured in windy conditions. By stabilising the front bar, less strain is put on the hardware, extending the awning’s life and increasing its wind resistance. With removal of feet and front rail clip, the telescopic poles collapse for easy storage when not in use.
Rain Hood
A rain hood option is available, providing great fabric protection from the elements to assist with fabric longevity.